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Matthijs is a family business, founded in 1920. After almost 100 years, the manufacturing company has grown into a major player in the confectionery production with a varied range of liquorice, gums and winegums. Matthijs knows the market like no other due to their generation-to-generation experience. The fact that the original recipes from the past still play a significant role nowadays makes Matthijs proud. 

For almost 100 years Matthijs sweets has been responsible  for small happy filled moments amongst young and old alike over the entire world. These happy filled Matthijs-moments existed in the past, they exist in the present and will keep on existing in 100 years.

Matthijs has been making liquorice, gum and winegum for almost 100 years and is still growing as a company due to their traditional and high-quality recipes. With a large customer base in both the Netherlands and abroad, Matthijs is an ever-increasing player in the market. By maintaining an optimal product quality, Matthijs aims to focus on increasing production capacity and realizing a strong sales growth in the years to come. Matthijs also wants to position her own brand as a reliable confectionary brand, where quality has the highest priority.