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The production process
Developing a type of sweet does not go overnight. A development team works with the upmost precision on the first step to get the combination exactly right of all essential ingredients. Once the recipe has been established, the first run is produced under close supervision. In the production process, hygiene and quality are of the highest priority. At each step of the production process, there are controllers who test the different sweets. That way, we can ensure a high quality product will always be delivered.

Quality Certificates
It goes without saying that Matthijs has all the important certifications in terms of hygiene and quality. Not only do we guarantee the quality of our products, we also guaranteed the well-being of the environment. Human values and the working conditions of our employees is very important to us. An overview of our certificates can be found here.

No AZO raw materials
It is good to know that Matthijs does NOT work with AZO raw materials. This means that no colorants are added that can cause an allergic reaction.

Natural colorants and flavouring
Products which containing only natural colorants and flavouring are becoming more important to many consumers. Therefore Matthijs always offers the option to produce products completed by NAFNAC standards.

Concept development
Within Matthijs we continue to develop new types of sweets. A challenging process in which we remain to grow. For example, what do you think of sour liquorice combined with raspberry flavour or a liquorice in the shape of your own logo with a traditional liquorice flavour? There are plenty of ideas and possibilities. Would you like more information about this? Then contact us through our contact form.